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General Public Participation
in the American National
Standards Process

For a standard to be approved as an ANS, it must be:

1. Advanced by an ANSI-Accredited Standards Developer (ASD)
2. Developed through an open, consensus-based process, with meaningful and fair opportunities for all stakeholders to contribute

The integrity and inclusiveness of the ANS process results in high-quality standards that help to protect the public and foster commerce. Consistent with our democratic principles, everyone who chooses to participate in the ANS process can have a voice. Consensus and comment consideration in a due process–based (fair) environment lead to standards that will be better accepted and more widely used. On almost any given day, a standards group or technical committee (consensus body) is meeting and making decisions that affect the bottom line of our national economy, safety and innovation. Broad engagement in this process is critical – the ANS process gives everyone a chance to be heard and to contribute to standards-based solutions for a strong nation and a safer, healthier world.

As part of its efforts to help ensure those due process principles are met, ANSI encourages the general public to get involved in the ANS process via the following three main activities:

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Participate in ANS Process

Approval as an American National Standard (ANS) means the sponsoring standards developer has voluntarily subjected its standard to ANSI's public notice and comment requirements. In that way, all who are directly and materially affected by a standard under development, including consumers and the general public, can have a voice in the ANS process.

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Comment on Standards Developer's

Standards address important topics; users and the public should have confidence that they are based on a consensus of views arrived at through a fair and open process. Any one of you can participate in reviewing and commenting on procedures that a standard developer submits to ANSI.

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Comment on ANSI Procedures

The process by which the ANSI Essential Requirements (as well as other American National Standards–related procedures) and the ANSI International Procedures are maintained is routine and long-standing. As stated on the cover of each of these documents, “To propose changes to this document for consideration and approval by the ANSI Executive Standards Council (ExSC) and the Executive Committee of the ANSI Board of Directors, please submit the specific proposal in strike-through, underline format with a rationale to [email protected].”

ANSI solicits public comments on all proposed procedural revisions to these documents through announcements in Standards Action, ANSI online articles, and social media posts.