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ANSI Essential Requirements & Due Process

All ANSI-Accredited Standards Developers (ASDs) are bound by both the ANSI Essential Requirements and their own ANSI-accredited procedures.

When an organization applies to be accredited by ANSI, they submit a set of due process-based procedures to ANSI, which are subject to review by the public and by the ANSI Executive Standards Council (ExSC). Whenever those procedures are revised, they are submitted again to ANSI for review.

Over 240 organizations have been accredited by ANSI, bound by ANSI's Essential Requirements and procedures.

General Public: Follow These Steps

Interested members of the public can review and comment on both the procedures of new applicants for accreditation and revised procedures of an already-accredited standards developer following these steps:

Study Essential Requirements

Familiarize yourself with ANSI's Essential Requirements: If you are interested in commenting on an applicant's procedures or an existing ASD's procedures, you should understand what ANSI's procedural requirements are and what they are not. Each ASD has a documented standards development process that meets ANSI's requirements.

Some ASD processes include more than ANSI's basic requirements, some design multiple steps to satisfy one of ANSI's requirements, and others may innovate, using unique processes or models of consensus development.

Obtain SD's application

Obtain a standards developer's application for accreditation and ANS-related procedures or revised procedures. Announcements of new applicants for accreditation by ANSI or revised procedures subject to public review are published in ANSI Standards Action, along with a link from which the application and procedures may be obtained.

Review Procedures

Review a standards developer’s procedures against the ANSI Essential Requirements within the 30-day comment period:

  • In order to be considered by the applicant and ANSI, public comments must be submitted to the applicant in writing in accordance with the public review announcement and within the published 30-day comment period.
  • Public comments are responded to by the applicant, not by ANSI.
  • After all initial public comments have been responded to by the applicant, the application, proposed procedures, and public comments and responses are reviewed by the ANSI Executive Standards Council (ExSC).

Review Decision

Notification of the decision and right to appeal: When an application for accreditation is approved or denied by the ANSI ExSC, those who submitted public comments on record with ANSI will be notified in writing of the decision, and of their right to file a procedural appeal to the ExSC, within 15 working days.

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Have questions or need some help?

ANSI's Procedures and Standards Administration (PSA) staff can answer your questions or provide additional guidance.