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ANSI ISO Council (AIC)


The ANSI ISO Council (AIC) is responsible for the development and approval of ANSI positions and policies and preparation of ANSI representatives for the strategic and policy level issues of the ISO General Assembly, the ISO Council and its subgroups, and selected issues from the ISO Technical Management Board (TMB), among other actions as specified in the ANSI International Procedures. The AIC reports to the ANSI Board Executive Committee. In carrying out its responsibilities, the AIC may seek input from the other Committees of ANSI, ANSI Policy Advisory Groups, and ANSI Forums.

The AIC’s processes are detailed in the Operating Procedures of the ANSI ISO Council.

Key Responsibilities

The activities of the ANSI ISO Council include:

  • Recommending ANSI policy and process-related positions concerning ISO standardization and conformity-assessment issues that are presented, via ANSI staff (and sometimes ANSI delegations), to the ISO General Assembly, ISO Council, ISO Technical Management Board, ISO Committee on Consumer Policy, ISO Committee on Developing Countries, ISO Conformity Assessment Committee, and subgroups of these committees
  • Issues regarding committee Secretariats, including the consideration of requests to undertake or retain an ISO Secretariat of a new or existing ISO committee and the continuation, transfer, or withdrawal of such assignments to ANSI or external organizations in accordance with criteria specified in the ANSI International Procedures.
  • ANSI positions on proposals for new fields of ISO technical work
  • ANSI assumption and delegation of ISO committee Secretariats

Members & Officers

The Chair of the AIC (and any Vice Chair, if desired) is appointed by the Chair of the ANSI Board of Directors, subject to approval by the Board, for a two-year term (which may be extended for one additional term). The AIC Chair must maintain impartiality at all times and is not entitled to vote on any matters brought to a vote before the AIC.

The AIC is made up of ANSI members. Voting members are generally those who wish to actively participate in AIC meetings, debates, and votes. They should have sufficient experience to offer recommendations on positions ANSI should take as the member body to ISO as well as make decisions on the delegation of ISO Secretariats. Voting members are expected to commit the time and resources that are necessary and appropriate to fulfill the missions of the AIC.

AIC voting members are the individual members themselves, not the entity with which they are affiliated. Serving in such capacity, AIC voting members act as fiduciaries to ANSI, which means they are required to act in good faith and in the best interest of ANSI when making decisions on behalf of ANSI. However, if AIC voting members believe their duties to their employer or another third party conflict in any way with those of ANSI, they may simply recuse themselves from decision making from ANSI.

Interested ANSI members may designate non-voting observers to the AIC. Observers do not serve for specific terms and may remain on the AIC as long as they are otherwise eligible to serve. Observers have the right to:

  • access non-confidential AIC documents
  • attend AIC meetings, space permitting (except for portions of the meeting conducted in Executive Session)
  • participate in informal discussions at the AIC

ANSI members who are eligible and interested in becoming AIC observers may register and participate by contacting the ANSI membership department.

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