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Participate in
ANS Process

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General Public Participation: 3 Options

There are 3 ways members of the general public can contribute to developing an ANS:

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Public Review

Submit a comment during public comment opportunities (non-voting option)

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Membership In Consensus Body

Apply for membership in ANS consensus body (voting group)

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Other Options

Other non-voting options for the general public to get involved in

Submit a comment during public comment opportunities (non-voting option)

The first opportunity to comment on a proposed ANS is when the sponsoring ASD submits a Project Initiation Notification (PINS), and members of the general public can then review and comment on the proposal following the steps below. A draft standard is not available at the PINS phase. After the PINS phase, a draft proposed ANS must be announced for public comment through ANSI Standards Action; this is the public’s opportunity to obtain and comment on a proposed draft document.

Check Standards Action

Check Standards Action weekly and review PINS announcements in the "Information Concerning" section to learn about proposed new and revised ANS 

Identify a proposed standard

Identify a proposed standard (or a revision to a current ANS) that you might want to contribute to and find contact information for the sponsoring ASD

Review and submit comment

Review the proposal, and if you think it might conflict with or duplicate another proposed or approved ANS, submit your comments to the ASD in writing within the 30-day PINS comment period published in Standards Action, in accordance with the rules set for PINS requirement

Check Standards Action

Check Standards Action weekly and review the "Call for Comments" section.

Identify draft standard

Identify the draft standard that you'd like to review and comment.

Obtain draft

Check how to obtain the draft: Some ASDs post public review drafts online during an open comment period, while others charge a fee to obtain a copy of a draft to defray development and production costs (and there may be other options as well).

Note deadline

Note (and adhere to) the comment deadline, which will be 30, 45, or 60 days from the date of the announcement in Standards Action.

Submit comments

Submit comments directly to the ASD following its specific process and guidelines.

What you can expect once you submit a public comment in response to a draft proposed ANS at the public review phase

Here's how the sponsoring ANSI-Accredited Standards Developer will respond to your input, in accordance with its procedures.

What options exist if you think the way your comments were handled or considered was not in accordance with the ASD's procedures?

First, ANSI's procedures encourage informal resolution before a formal appeal is filed, or resolution before the appeals process concludes, when possible.

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Apply for membership on ANS consensus
body (voting group)

Note that ANSI-Accredited Standards Developers (ASDs) have different names for their consensus bodies, including technical committee (TC), voting group, and others.

ASDs have procedural requirements and participation policies for their consensus bodies, so you should contact the ASD to obtain a copy of its current procedures and apply to the ASD directly for consensus body (voting) membership.

Useful Tips

Other non-voting options

Depending on the ANSI-Accredited Standards Developer (ASD) involved, there may be other options for members of the general public to get involved in developing an American National Standard (ANS):

  • Submit a proposal to develop an ANS or revise an existing ANS
  • Submit to the ASD in accordance with its procedures
  • Research other options that maybe available through the ASD, including:
    • Becoming an informational member, observer, etc.
    • Getting involved via a liaison, affiliate, etc.
    • Participating on a working group, task group, or drafting group (non-voting contributor options)
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Have questions or need some help?

ANSI's Procedures and Standards Administration (PSA) staff can answer your questions or provide additional guidance.