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ANSI’s ISO-Related
Governance Groups

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  2. U.S. Representation in ISO
  3. ANSI's ISO-Related Governance Groups

Strategic Oversight of ANSI's Leadership and Engagement in ISO

As a critical part of its role as the U.S. member to ISO, ANSI works to ensure strong leadership and effective participation in ISO at every level. The Institute relies on its governance groups – comprising ANSI members from across industry sectors and stakeholder groups – to inform and steer its policies, positions, and activities with regard to U.S. representation in ISO.

There are two ANSI governance groups that oversee ANSI’s engagement in ISO’s governance structures:

ANSI ISO Council (AIC)

The AIC oversees the development and approval of ANSI policy and process-related positions presented at ISO and makes decisions concerning the acceptance, transfer or relinquishment of the secretariats of ISO committees.

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The AIF is responsible for forming ANSI positions on technical co ordination and procedural issues of the ISO Technical Management Board (TMB) based on input from ANSI constituents, and provides opportunities for networking, education, and information-exchange.

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In addition, another ANSI governance group, the ANSI International Policy Advisory Group (IPAG) provides views on ANSI international policy, as well as on ANSI’s interface with other regions of the world and bilaterally with other national standards bodies.